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New NDC ASPECTS policy brief on strengthening the Breakthrough on Road Transport


The ZEV revolution is already underway, as the market continues to rapidly gain steam across the globe. At COP26 in Glasgow, several countries came together and launched the Breakthrough on Road Transport, to drive the transition to ZEVs forward. While significant progress has been made in recent years, more progress is needed. With this in mind, how could the Breakthrough on Road Transport be strengthened? A new NDC ASPECTS policy brief contains some answers.  

While a move in the right direction, the Breakthrough on Road Transport suffers from some important shortcomings that could inhibit its ability to transform the sector. This policy brief offers six concrete recommendations to address these: 1) increasing country signatories through the creation of collective pledges on developed countries enhance means of implementation, 2) adopting explicit phase-out targets for new sales of fossil fuel vehicles, 3) incorporating these targets in countries’ NDCs and long-term climate strategies to enhance transparency and accountability, 4) promoting the sharing of best practices aimed at electric retrofitting and developing standardised conversion kits for different vehicles, 5) harmonising standards to help build a sustainable and just ZEV battery supply chain, and 6) developing harmonised emission standards for used vehicles.  

Link to the policy brief