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NDC ASPECTS at the European Climate and Energy Modelling Platform 2022


The European Climate and Energy Modelling Platform (ECEMP) 2022 conference brought together Europe’s climate and energy modelling community over a three-day period. The ECEMP acted as a forum for deep exchange of research and modelling practice among researchers, policymakers, industry and civil society. The event featured a balanced mix of high-level panel discussions and interactive workshop sessions to enable a peer-reviewed digest of models and policy insights for the transformation of the European energy system.

Our consortium members, Dirk-Jan van den Ven and Panagiotis Fragkos participated in the ECEMP 2022 on 6 October 16:00-17:30 CEST.  Dirk-Jan van den Ven from BC3 Research was presenting a poster that traces the transformation of climate change mitigation scenarios over the last decade. The poster of Panagiotis Fragkos from E3 Modelling was analysing the impacts of post-COVID-19 economic packages for green recovery.