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507, Mesogion Av,
Ag. Paraskevi, 15343,
Tel.: +30 210 63 94 608

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HOLISTIC P.C. is represented by Evangelos Marinakis.

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Data Protection Officer

Christos Ntanos

Concept, design, and technical implementation

Legal remarks on the legal form

The NDC ASPECTS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 101003866.

Legal remarks on liability

The content of this page is for information purposes only. The relevant legal instruments and the text of the call shall take precedence over the information contained on this page. The European Commission or CINEA does not accept responsibility for any use made of the information contained therein.

Legal remarks on copyright

The homepage layout and graphics are, along with all other content, protected by copyright law.

Data protection notice

Holistic P.C. takes the protection of your personal data seriously and adheres to the data protection provisions.