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Modelling platform


NDC ASPECTS will develop a modelling platform to document and make available all quantitative modelling results and insights of the project at the national, EU, and global level, using information from the corresponding deliverables in WPs 2-6. The modelling platform will be based on the I2AM PARIS framework that was developed in the Horizon 2020 PARIS REINFORCE project and will include two components:

  • The Dynamic Documentation component will be an interactive library of available models, in the form of a responsive “infographic”, including geographical coverage as well as sector, emission, policy, SDG, socio-economic and mitigation/adaptation measure granularities (available at the beginning of 2022).
  • The Model Analyses component will be a dynamic representation of data deriving from several runs of the available models, including meaningful visualisations and user-friendly interfaces that will allow the user to examine the results of different scenarios by altering specific parameters on the interface (available at the end of 2023).