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New article in npj Climate Action on analysing the NDC enhancements of 111 countries


A new research article has been published by NDC ASPECTS partners Lauri Peterson, Harro van Asselt, Lukas Hermwille and Sebastian Oberthür in the npj Climate Action journal. The article analyses different NDC enhancements from 111 countries around the world using a mixed-method design to investigate the determinants of these enhancements. Apart from a quantitative analysis of all 111 countries, the authors conducted qualitative case studies focusing on Brazil and South Africa.

Findings reveal that countries that engaged in stakeholder consultations with civil society, business, and labour groups prior to developing their updated or revised NDCs were more likely to enhance their greenhouse gas reduction targets. These results are further supported by the case studies. South Africa conducted comprehensive consultations and submitted an enhanced GHG target, while Brazil, which did not arrange open consultations, did not improve its target. This study underscores the significance of comprehensive and transparent stakeholder engagement processes, highlighting their potential to drive enhanced NDCs. 

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