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NDC ASPECTS will contribute to the global discussions at COP28 by co-organising two exciting side-events! The two events will take place onsite in Dubai and will be potentially broadcasted online (more information coming soon). The details of the events are shown below.


Side event #1: Climate Action in the FOLU sector: challenges for an architecture of support fit for rapid action and higher ambition

Date and venue: December 10, 16:30-17:30, Spain pavilion

Description: The purpose of the event is to provide a space to reflect on the technical, political and financing challenges of the current array of support mechanisms for climate action in the FOLU sector and how to move towards a more effective and “fit-for-purpose” architecture of support for higher ambition and scaled up action.

Co-organisers: Basque Center of Climate Change (BC3) with the collaboration of FAO/UN-REDD Programme.


Side event #2: Just Industry Transition Partnerships – A proposal to link JETPs with sectoral cooperation

Date and venue: December 11, 12:00-13:30 CET, SE Room 3

Description: Decarbonising basic industries requires int. cooperation. A Just Industry Transition Partnership could provide OPEX support, e.g. for green iron production in the Global South, thus fostering green value chains and just transition while facilitating industry decarbonisation in donor countries.

Co-organisers: Wuppertal Institute, Lund University, Uni Kassel, Agora Industrie