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Detailed analysis of the COP26 by Wuppertal Institute researchers


Researchers of the Wuppertal Institute, including multiple NDC ASPECTS coordinators and participants, have published a detailed analysis on the 26th climate change conference in Glasgow (COP26). The researchers suggest that COP26 delivered mixed results. On the one hand, the detailed rules for the operationalisation of the Paris Agreement could be finalised, now putting the focus on the implementation. The results of the conference also specify the level of ambition required, and countries have been asked to further increase their national contributions in the coming year. On the other hand, the climate protection pledges and measures of the parties to the Paris Agreement remain far too weak, even after Glasgow. And also in other areas, such as climate finance and dealing with climate change-related loss and damage, the results of COP26 fell short of expectations.

The detailed analysis report is available below.

COP26-Report.pdf (926.19 KB)