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Collection of Sectoral Transformation Policy Papers published during the first half of the project


The main aim of this deliverable by Wolfgang Obergassel is to document the progress of the policy paper series during the first reporting period. Most outputs of work packages 1 to 6 consist of research reports and manuscripts for academic journals. The objective of the policy paper series is therefore to distil policy-relevant results in a more digestible format targeted at policymakers and stakeholders. All papers produced so far were already published individually on the project’s website and advertised in the project newsletter and on social media. There you can find:

(1) Policy Brief Maximising the Impact of the Global Stocktake: Options for Design and Implementation

(2) Policy Brief Article 6 and CORSIA after Glasgow: Ready for take-off?

(3) Submission to the Global Stocktake Ensuring an Effective Global Stocktake with a Sectoral Perspective (ANNEX: Detailed Analysis of Key Global Sector Benchmarks)